Attending the clinics with Stephanie has changed my entire relationship with my horses.  My two horses have not only progressed wonderfully under her instruction – being more engaged, athletic and relaxed, but watching her teach other riders with their horses has also improved my understanding of the principles of the School of Légèreté and how to apply good training principles in varied situations. Nicole – rider “Stephanie Durand understood my mare in about one minute! She described her as a “yes, but..” personality.  I have had my mare since she was 2 (she is now 6) and she has challenged me and tested my patience every step of the way! Stephanie provided tools and training methods to help understand my mare while improving my communication with her so that she understands me. Stephanie and the Ecole de la Légèrete teachings have changed everything for us, our relationship has strengthened, we now work together as a team. By emphasizing respect for the horse and cultivating the rider/horse relationship, Stephanie allows for every rider and every horse to reach their full potential with kindness not force, never forgetting to have fun along the way!” Chantal – rider and auditor