Specificity of Stéphanie’s teaching:

Stephanie combines her background in Parelli with Philippe Karl’s dressage methodology from the School of Légèreté.

You will be interested in her teaching if you put the respect of the horse and the relationship first of all, if you wish to avoid conflicts and if you are willing to think, analyse and look at situations from the horse’s point of view…

As Pat Parelli often says: « It is simple but not easy ».

Her philosophy teaches about the proper roles of love, language, and leadership, on the ground and in the saddle, in educating all kind of horses in any discipline at any level.

Quality basics

Stephanie is very particular about creating good basics in every horse and rider combination. She emphasizes the basics because once the basics are in place the codes for upper level movements are right there.

Respect of the Horse

Stephanie will teach you the right language to communicate with your horse, it means a better understanding and use of the aids to control the balance and improve the relaxation and the locomotion.


You will learn the correct training progression and methodology to teach your horse according to the principles of Philippe Karl’s School of Légèreté.

Stéphanie teaches in German, English, French or Italian.

Clinics already take place

  • in the area of Belfort and Alsace (F),
  • near Montreal, Quebec (Can),
  • canton of Argovie, Zurich, Lausanne and Ticino (CH)
  • and also near Bergamo and Vicenza (I).

Organize clinics

If you wish to organize clinics in your area, you can choose what suit you best:

  • 2 to 5 days
  • 2 to 5 times/year

6 to 8 riders are required. The schedules are 6 to 8 private lessons a day to focus on the needs of each rider. 2 complementary hours are dedicated to theorical aspects of the method.

Topic Clinics

For groups of riders new to the School of Légèreté, Stéphanie organizes “Topic Clinics” to discover Philippe Karl’s method from the beginning in order to really understand the first steps.

Private Lessons

If you are in the area, you also have the possibility to come with your horse in FarmersPlace, Argovie, Switzerland where Stéphanie spends most of her time for private lessons, especially if you have serious problems with your horse or a young horse to educate, etc… For further information as inscription to clinics, lesson/transport/clinic’s fees etc…please contact Stéphanie Per e-mail: sdurand@bluewin.ch Per phone: +41 79 409 90 76