Stéphanie Durand

Instructor of the School of légèreté

Picture: Florian Sticher / Horse: “Gentleman” (Berni Zambail)


Stéphanie DurandStéphanie started riding at the age of 11 in a traditional riding school. This first contact developed into  a never-ending story as she became “part of the family” of a small stud in the « Médoc » in the Southwest of France. There it was common practice to respect the nature of the animals and she was able to develop the skills to start young horses, to train in open spaces such as woods, dunes and kilometres of beach. She became a riding teacher in France in 1991, rode and taught all 3 disciplines, dressage, jumping, cross country with ponies & horses. She then moved to the South of Switzerland, where between 1996 and 2013 she had the responsibility of a barn with 35 horses and a riding school. After competing for some years she realized that she wasn’t improving either in her equestrian knowledge nor her riding skills…

In 2003 she discovered Parelli’s horsemanship method.

She passed her first Level with the Italian instructor Franco Gianni and  with some of the best european teachers like Berni Zambail and Micky Wanzenried she achieved Level 3 before spending  6 weeks on the Parelli ranch in Colorado. Stéphanie also learnt a lot from Karen Rohlf  (USA) attending her clinics in Avenches (CH) between 2004-2008 and discovered the Californian Classical & Traditional Vaquero Style Equitation with Mike Bridges (introduction to bosal and cow work). Between 2007-2009, not yet aware of the existence of the School of Légèreté in Switzerland, she followed the Method on her own thanks to Philippe Karl’s books and dvds.

Stéphanie had the privilege to enter the teachers’ course in 2009 and obtained the title of Instructor of the School of Légèreté in March 2014.

Stéphanie Durand mit SchimmelShe is still attending the clinics with M. Karl in Switzerland and with Bertrand Ravoux in Italy. Stéphanie keeps on improving her knowledge thanks to a close collaboration with Berni Zambail in the North of Switzerland where she is based, and by spending regular time in France working together with Bertrand Ravoux.

Since 2013 M. Karl allowed Stéphanie to teach the philosophy of the School of Légèreté and she holds her own clinics in several parts of Switzerland, France, Italy and also in Quebec (Canada).